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How We Got Started

I was looking for support to help me understand what it was like to live with someone with Combat PTSD. I joined a few online support groups and while some of the information was helpful, I found that a lot of the members in those groups were negative. So many of them were resentful of their veteran. They offered little support or encouragement when it came to making their relationships work. A lot of the responses that I got were, “leave him”.


We were on vacation with my veteran and his friend when we started talking about the problems that PTSD causes in our relationships. It was interesting to see things from the veteran’s perspective. They found it helpful to see it from the spouse’s side as well. Our conversation lasted into the early hours of the morning. It was at that moment that Loving My Veteran was formed.

I realized that there was limited information out there that talked about Veteran PTSD from both the veteran’s and spouse’s side. There is counseling and self-help groups for the Veterans but there is little out there for the spouses and the families. I also learned that PTSD was not a “one size fits all” diagnosis and that each case is different.


I became determined to make a difference by offering positive support for spouses and families, as well as the veterans. Lives are being impacted by Veteran PTSD. It is estimated that over 22 veterans a day are taking their own lives, families are being torn apart and spouses and caregivers are committing suicide as well. This has become an epidemic and I had to do something.


Jeremy, Carl, and I formed Loving My Veteran. It is a support community that bring together veterans and their families. We offer real and raw stories and insight from both perspectives.

Nonprofit Status

Loving My Veteran, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Georgia.  We have applied for our 501 C3 which will allow us to grow and expand our outreach and programs.

Our programs are currently funded by the founders of Loving My Veteran and the donations of our supporters.  If you wish to donate please click the link below to donate to our GoFund Me Campaign.  Feel free to share the link with others.  We appreciate any donation to help keep Loving My Veteran going.


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