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Walking In My Shoes with Stacy, is a video series that is live on Loving My Veteran Facebook Page weekdays at 9 AM/ET.  

Stacy looks at PTSD from the eyes of the spouses/partners as well as the Veteran.  Topics include; setting boundaries, self care and communication.

Past videos are on Loving My Veteran's YouTube Channel.


Loving My Veteran was founded in July of 2020.  It came from a simple beginning, three friends sitting around a table and talking openly about PTSD and how it affects us.  The open and honest discussion forever changed me. Jeremy has been family to Carl for years.  They shared some dark times in the past. 


That night they included me and made me part of their family too.  It was that sense of family that gave me the strength to travel this muddy road of PTSD.  Once I started to see things through their eyes our relationship got stronger, and the journey got easier.  That night I shared how their PTSD made me feel as well.  That open and honest discussion was the beginning of Loving My Veteran.

It became clear to all of us that we needed to spend time “Walking in My Shoes”.  We decided that night that we would share our stories, struggles, and victories with others trying to navigate loving a Veteran with PTSD.  We started a Facebook page that quickly grew into a community and now has become a family.  Loving My Veteran has grown rapidly since those initial days.  We have created a support community for Veterans and their families.  We still sit around and talk, instead of it being the three of us, it is our community. We have reached 51.k people and have 2.1k followers!

Loving My Veteran is dedicated to providing support for our community and our family.  We have grown and have a team of dedicated volunteers who share our simple philosophy that you are not alone, and you matter.

Welcome to Our Family where it is okay to Love Your Veteran.

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Let's Talk is an online support meeting for Veterans and their families to come together to talk and see things from each other's perspective.  No topic is off limits.

Join us Thursdays at 7 PM ET



Meeting ID: 893 0953 5226

Passcode: 123456

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Spouses and family members of Veterans with PTSD often report being physically and emotionally exhausted.  Join Stefanie for Wellness Wednesdays as she provides tips for self care that make you stronger both physically and emotionally.

Wellness Wednesdays at 6:30 PM ET in Loving My Veteran spouse support group on Facebook.


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We learn more when we share our stories.  Loving My Veteran believes that talking and listening to others is essential.

Veterans share their stories as part of the healing process.  It is their way to get things out and help other Veterans know they are not alone.  

Vet Connect - Fridays at 10 AM on out Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/lovingmyveteranlivingwithPTSD

Loving My Veteran is an Advocate for Our Veterans
and  their Families

There are real issues that our Veterans and their families face.  Loving My Veteran has heard their stories and promises to be their voice on the issues.

Stay informed, become an advocate, fight for our Veterans and their families.  You have a voice, Project My Voice.org.  

Healthcare - Issues with the VA - Overmedicating Our Veterans - Toxic Water on Military Bases
Our Community Never Stops Growing - Coming Soon
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