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Hurting For America

We have watched over the past 12 years as our fellow Americans have reaped havoc in our streets. Riots, looting, assaults, arson, destruction of all sorts of property, these behaviors have become somewhat of a norm.

I have held fast and true to my position that those who engage in such behaviors are domestic terrorists. I said this over the summer when we saw the "autonomous zone" and the attacks on the federal building, that they were domestic terrorists.

What we saw last week goes far above and beyond the level of domestic terrorism. This was an attack upon the very alter of freedom that we swore to defend. Some veterans I'm sure, will say that it was not like that and that they supported the actions. I and many like me feel that this cheapened the oath that we swore when we entered service. There were antagonists that entered our capitol with the goal to hurt or kill people, others were worked up into the "mob mentality" and others just wanted to damage and steal. I am in no way a fan of Nancy Pelosi, but to go into her office and the offices of other of our elected officials, is never justified.

I am shocked that our fellow countrymen would do something like this. My heart is filled with hurt over this, I feel helpless to do anything about this attack and I fear that other veterans feel the same and I worry that some of them will end up one of the 22 a day. If you are reading this and you feel as hurt, disgusted, and ashamed, just know that others are here. I want to reassure people that you are not alone, and I am here ready to talk if you need a battle buddy.

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