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Drowning In PTSD,

Finding Your Lifeboat


The signs and symptoms of PTSD can be overwhelming; avoidance, combat, insomnia, blame, depression, alcohol, irritability, rage, numbness, dreams, abuse, guilt, hyper alertness, drug, nightmares, stress, shock, substance abuse, heightened sense of danger, low self-esteem, shutting down, violent outburst and the list goes on. Living with any, most or all of these can make you feel like you are drowning. You feel like you have lost control of your life. You desire a normal life. Living with PTSD day after day has left you exhausted. You have lost yourself. You are ready to run away, but you love him. How do you even begin to take control and stop drowning? 

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There is Hope!!

I am no longer drowning or hanging on to the edge of one of those rings that as a lifeguard I tossed out to people who were drowning. I am safely in a lifeboat with my Veteran by my side. There are days that the seas are rough. There are days that I want to throw him overboard. There are days that I am sure that he wants to throw me overboard too. There are many more days that the skies are blue, and 

When Spouses and Family Become Warfighters at Home - Your Field Manual

Our Veterans All have something in common. They all experienced basic training. They all got off that bus. They were issued the clothes they would need. They were trained on the weapons they would use. They were trained to perform their jobs. They were told what to expect to become Warfighters. 


Unfortunately, the spouses, partners and family were not trained on what to expect when they came home. We learned as we went. We did not understand what they went through. We were not trained to recognize triggers. We were not prepared. After years we still are not. What we have learned, we have learned from trial and error


No one ever told us what PTSD is or how to be prepared for this enemy of war. No one ever told us about TBIs and how they can change our lives. We were not trained to deal with this injury of war. 


Had our veteran came home with a physical injury we would have been taught how to help care for them. We would have learned how to dress wounds, deal with prosthetics, and manage their physical limitations. 


We did not get that. Many of us are still trying to navigate our way through with little to no support. We rely on friend or family to help us through the tough times, but most don’t understand. We reach out to other families who are going through this, but many have become bitter and are too frustrated with their own situation to help or offer sound advice. 


Many of us find that the war has come home. It is in our living rooms. It is in our bedrooms. It is in the grocery store or a restaurant. There are triggers everywhere and we often find ourselves on edge, like looking for a roadside bomb. 


Our family becomes a victim of this war that we fight at home. Our relationships become victims of this war. Our children become a victim of this was. We become battle fatigued. 


We need someone to help us. We need a little R & R. We need our own field manual. We need someone to listen and understand. YOU HAVE FOUND IT HERE with Loving My Veteran

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Walking In My Shoes

Walking in My Shoes is about helping spouses, partners and family members navigate through the sometimes difficult challenges that Loving a Veteran with PTSD can pose.  It is about developing a sense of community that allows caregivers to talk openly and honestly about the challenges that they face living with and loving a Veteran with PTSD.  It is a place where we can come together to offer support and advice that may make the journey a little easier.  There are real life stories from the families on the front lines as well as resources and tips to make the journey a little easier.

Live Weekdays at 9 AM on Loving My Veteran Facebook Page


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Loving My Veteran - Facebook Support Group

Loving My Veteran Facebook Support Group has over 350 members, who believe that it is okay to love your veteran.  It is a private group to share your stories, ask for advice and seek help without being judged.  Our Loving My Veteran Family will lift you up and put our arms around you.  We will share our experience in hopes of helping others navigate this journey. 


Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/3081469808599752

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Wellness Wednesday's with Stefanie

It is so easy to get caught up in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Stefanie teaches us how to take a few minutes for ourselves.  Stefanie uses her experience in juggling work, home, raising two daughters, soccer practices and loving her Veteran with PTSD to show us how we can take a few minutes for us.

Taking care of your mind, body and soul is essential to navigating this journey.  Get refreshed and recharged..

Join Stefanie at 6:30 PM ET in Loving My Veteran Facebook Support Group.

Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/3081469808599752

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Caregiver Stories

Loving My Veteran wants you to know you are not alone.  Listening to the stories of other Caregivers provides a sense of comfort, strength and courage.  Caregiver Stories are real, raw, and honest.  They share their pain, struggles and accomplishments so they can help others.

The pain of being the spouse or family member is real.  The struggles can be painful.  Loving My Veteran wants you to know that there are Victories in this journey.  When we focus on our successes we see or journey in a different light.


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