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Loving My Veteran is a Community.  Check Out Our Partners
Behind The Service Podcast
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​Behind the men and women who serve our country and go on to become veterans are the family members who stay up nights praying, fill out mountains of endless paperwork, scour the internet researching experimental services and patiently love them back together again.

Lutz Live to Tell Foundation

The LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation 501(c)3 exists to support Military and First Responders. We build strong communities while creating preventative solutions to real life matters. Our mission is to improve the lives of Military and First Responders with supportive services, access to local resources, and building community. We do this by spreading awareness, advocating for change, facilitating community training, and implementing initiatives such as Lutz Buddy Up.

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Circle of Arms
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We know the importance of a healed mind for inner peace. It’s a process that needs constant adjusting. Once established it’s easier to create a healthy attitude to change unhealthy cycles from the past and be able to live in the present. 


Circle of Arms is here to provide you or loved one hope along the mental health journey and will continue rooting you on even when you have to start over. 


We are here to support the mental health community! From our local awareness events, training and outreach programs, we are here to make a difference! If you have any suggestions or would like to join our team please email us at or call/text 210-695-0687

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