Our Mission

To provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where veterans and their families can come together with others who share the same battles and demons, to let them know they are not alone,  One veteran suicide a day is one too many, and it is our mission to reach out to veterans and their families with love and understanding to give them an out, to let them know that we will leave no one behind.

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Videos, Podcast & Blogs

Loving My Veteran is a community.  We do not just focus on the Veteran or the family.  We bring both together, offering valuable resources and support so you do not have to walk this journey alone.

Families of Veterans with

PTSD often feel alone and 

forgotten. Loving My

Veteran offers family

support that includes a

daily video series, Walking

In My Shoes, to help

navigate the journey. 


We offer support groups as well as education that helps the family concentrate on self-healing, self-care, and understanding PTSD.

Veterans may sometimes

feel alone or ashamed of 

their actions or feelings.  It

is important that you feel

you are never alone and

that your life matters. 


Dust Off, is a series by

Jeremy Insetta, US Army Veteran, where he opens up and shares his feelings and insights, so you know you are never alone.  We offer other resources for support.

Loving My Veteran Education

and Resource Library is full of

information to help both the

Veteran and family navigate

this journey.  It includes

everything from self-help, to

understanding PTSD from the

medical perspective, the Veteran’s perspective, and the families perspective, mental health, treatment options, retreats, legislation effecting the Veteran community and much more.

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PTSD is an unseen scar of War and other traumatic events.  Veterans and their families struggle daily with staying together and learning to live with this wound.  Treatment options are limited and some are non-effective.  Support for Veterans and their families is almost non-existent.  The number of Veterans and their families that need help and support far outweigh the resources that are available.  Loving My Veteran tries to fill that gap.  We are here to not only support Veterans and their families, but to offer a community of support by enlisting our partners and other groups that are helping to fill that void.  No Veteran or their family should ever have to battle PTSD alone.  No Veteran or their family should ever have to take their own life.  We are here to help.  Help us join the fight.  Join our Community, and offer your support so that no Veteran or their family is ever left behind. 

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