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To provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where veterans and their families can come together with others who share the same battles and demons, to let them know they are not alone,  One veteran suicide a day is one too many, and it is our mission to reach out to veterans and their families with love and understanding to give them an out, to let them know that we will leave no one behind.

Weekly Events
  • Walking In My Shoes M-F 9 AM ET 

  • Sunday Self Care Check In -  Noon ET

  • Wellness Wednesday with Stefanie       6:30 PM ET

  • Let's Talk Support Meeting Thursdays    7 PM ET

  • Vet-Connect Stories from Our Veterans Friday at 10 AM

  • Coffee, Conversation and Collaboration  hosted by our friends at Behind The Service Podcast - Wednesday 10 AM ET

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Silver Star Veteran Finally Gets
Welcome Home After 52 Years

Loving My Veteran's Richard Turcotte, finally gets the welcome home he deserved 52 years ago.

Kurt J. Power, Purple Heart Veteran, drove hundreds of miles out of his way to make this happen.

Kurt arrived with a balloons and a simple sign that said, "Welcome Home Richard".  The two men had never met, but there was a bond between them.  They fought in different wars yet somehow shared a bond that many cannot describe.  Both men have battled unseen wounds from their wars, PTSD.  Both men were awarded the Purple Heart.  

Kurt called Richard a Hero, something Richard had never been called before.  In the words of Richard Turcotte, "I am finally home."


Caregiver Stories 
  • Multiple suicide attempts

  • Being tased while trying to get treatment

  • Calling the VA and telling them, they will either let her bring her husband in her way or he will come in a body bag at his own hands.

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To See Melissa's Story click the link

Online Support Group Meeting
Thursdays at 7 PM ET via of Zoom
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Sometimes we just need to talk and get advice from others who may have been where we are.  Loving My Veteran brings together both Veterans and Families who need support navigating this journey. To allow us to see things from each other's perspective.

Join us for great conversation, empowerment and encouragement.

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Meeting ID: 893 0953 5226
Passcode: 123456

Spouse & Family Support Group
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Facebook Support Group with a community of members who experience very similar things and are willing to offer love and support.

Positive and uplifting advice.  

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Veteran Support

No one knows what a Veteran is going through better than another Veteran.  Our Veteran only group provides a safe place for Veterans to open up and share, ask for advice or just talk.  It is a place where you matter.

Loving My Veteran is proud to be able to bring much needed support to veterans and their families. Everyone you meet on this site is a volunteer, who are an incredibly dedicated and driven group of people have come together with a single mission: to LOVE and support our veteran.
PLEASE consider donating $10, $15, $20 or whatever you feel led to give. TODAY!

Community Partners

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The LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation 501(c)3 exists to support Military and First Responders. We build strong communities while creating preventative solutions to real life matters. Our mission is to improve the lives of Military and First Responders with supportive services, access to local resources, and building community. We do this by spreading awareness, advocating for change, facilitating community training, and implementing initiatives such as Lutz Buddy Up.

Your Donation will help Loving My Veteran continue our Mission.