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We've Got Your Six - Not!!

The US Military lives by a creed, “We’ve Got Your Back”. They were trained and believe that they protected each other. It didn’t matter if they liked each other personally or not. It was and is something that is sacred to them.

We are all watching the chaos in the Middle East unfold. It doesn’t matter which side you are on or if we believe in the war or not. The events are getting to some of our Veterans. In the past few days, we have seen US Military Troops being attacked at US Military bases in the region with no response from the Commander in Chief. While many do not want to see the US enter into a war, the message is becoming clearer that no one has the backs of our troops. No one has their six.

Many of us don’t understand why some of our Veterans feel that this sacred oath has been violated. Our veterans do.

When combined with the unrest in the Middle East, our open boarders (where potential terrorist can enter), the state that Congress has been in for the past few weeks and the cost of gas and food, we are on the verge of creating the perfect storm. Many of us do not see all of the dangers of these events. Our Veterans do.

Some of our Veterans have seen this before. Not in our country, but other countries that have either had a regime change or been taken over by another country. They may not be able to communicate this. It may put them in a place where they distance themselves or seem distracted while they look at potential threats or relive moments.

During this time it becomes essential that we let our Veterans know we have their backs. It won’t come in the form of words. It will come from our actions by being supportive and understanding of their actions, not dismissing their feelings, telling them they are crazy or need help, or overreacting.

God Bless our Military, our Veterans, our families and the USA

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